Selected Solo Exhibits in USA

1999 Elle Lui, Santa Rosa Ca.
1995 May 12 Sonoma County Legal Aid Second Benefit
1994 Marjorie Margolis Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida – Twelve Tapestries.
1986 Meany Hall, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, Tapestries. Jan-March 1986
1983 American Savings & Loan, Oakland, California
1983 Bechtel International, Stanford University, Stanford, California. Invitational.
1980 Pericol Gallery, New York, NY. 60 Major Fine Art Tapestries (Believed to be the largest single exhibit of its kind every held in N.Y.C.)
1980 One Woman Show, Benjamin Buchbinder & Associates, Washington, DC
1980 Bank of America, World Headquarters San Francisco, CA.
1979 Middendorf/Lane Gallery, Washington, D.C.
1978 Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C. Catalog.
1977 Modern Master Tapestries, New York, NY. Twenty-nine Tapestries. Catalog.
1976 Knoll International, San Francisco, California.
1975 Showplace, San Francisco, California.
1975 Way Station 99, Berkeley, California. One-Woman Show.
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Selected Solo Exhibits in Brazil

1987 September-October Maria Bonita, Sao Paulo, Brazil – 150 Silk Scarves. Hand printed, in collaboration with Valusse Castro.
1985 One Woman Exhibit, Rio de Janeiro. “Annette Kaplan 31 Tapestries” Traveling Exhibit sponsored by Fulbright & U.S. Consulate.(September)
1985 Museu de Arte Contemporanea, Sao Paulo (31 Tapestries August)
1985 Museu de Arte do Rio Grande do Sul. (31 Tapestries July)
1985 One Woman Exhibit, Belo Horizonte. (31 Tapestries June)
1985 Galeria Metropolitano, Recife. (31 Tapestries May)
1985 One Woman Show, 31 Tapestries, Brasilia (31 Tapestries April)
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Selected Group Exhibits in USA

2017 Angel Academy, Florence Italy Tri-Annual Exhibition 2017
2015 Visual AIDS 16th Annual Postcards from the Edge NY.NY (January 30 Feb-1)
2014 Angel Academy, Florence Italy Tri-Annual Exhibition 2014, 2 Bargue Drawings, Dante & Belevedere Torso (June 6 – 8)
2012 Morris Museum, New Jersey. Novartis Permanent Art Collection,“Modern Tapestries & Floor Covering Conceived by Picasso, Calder and their Contemporaries” Jan19-April 15, 2012
1999 La Dolce Vita, Silent Auction, Santa Rosa, Ca.
1999 SMOVA Invitational Auction, Santa Rosa Ca.
1999 Next Level Communications, Rhonert Park, CA. (98-99) 14 Tapestries Exhibited.
1996 Teddy Asivido, Santa Rosa, Ca.( April). 27 Silk Scarves
1996 Gallery Camino Real Boca Raton, Fla. February 25 Tapestries
1996 Brier Gallery, SF, Ca. (August – Tapestries)
1993 Marjorie Margolis Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida. Tapestries.
1991 Margot Gallery Palm Beach, Florida,”Fall Exhibit”, Three Tapestries: #39,”Flutterby”; #88, “Hellos Goodbys to Yesterdays and Tomorrows”; and #82, “Geometrics.”
1984 Center for Latin American Studies. Berkeley, CA & Stanford University, Palo Alto Ca. March – Three-person photographic exhibit of my photographs from Guatemala
1984 Museo Comunale d’Arte Moderna di Senigallia &(Museu Cumunale dell’Informazione -Center of Documentation of Contemporary Art(Italia). (January – Invitational)
1983 Judah Magnus Museum Exhibition, Two Tapestries. December
1983 Center for Latin American Studies, Berkeley, California. Invitational Three-Person Photographic Show November.
1983 Glastonbury Gallery, San Francisco Tapestry Workshop, San Francisco, California. May 17 – June 13, Invitational Group Show.
1983 Kaiser Aluminum Kaiser Center, Oakland, California. Invitational, Jan 4–Feb 28.
1982 Library & Documentation Center, Provincial Museum, Belgium. Invitational
1982 International Invitational Photographic Show, Bilbao Spain Book. Mar19-April 4.
1981 Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. March – September 1, 1981 Invitational: Animal Imagery Group Show.
1980 Exhibited Pace Collection, New York, NY.
1980 Arras Gallery, Group Exhibition, New York, NY.
1979 G.E.I.C.O. Group Invitational Show. Two Tapestries. Washington, DC.
1979 State Architectural Show, Convention Center, Houston, Texas.
1976 Invitational: Selected International Artists 76, The Hadler Galleries, NYC. NY.
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Selected Group Exhibits in Brazil

1988 Concurso Photografico, Praia do Forte, Salvador Bahia. Invitational Traveling Exhibit. Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Museu de Arte da Bahia, Salvador Bahia.
1985 Il Cabo Frio Internacionale Print Bienal (1985-1986). Traveling Exhibit: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Parana, Santa Catarine, and Rio Grande do Sul.
1985 Praia do Forte, Bahia. , Invitational group show – Five Paintings January
1984 Galeria Bonino, Rio de Janeiro, Invitational Private Collection Exhibition of Giovana Bonino. February 1984.
1984 Ambassador DC. Jordon, Lima, Peru Feb Nemeses I exhibited in residence of Giovana Bonino. February 1984.
1983 Exposicao Acervo, Galeria Bonino, Rio de Janeiro, (Sept) Invitational exhibit
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