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I’m Annette Kaplan, an old soul, avant-garde artist, and a renaissance lady way ahead of her time. My approach to life and artistic explorations in my woven tapestries, and most recently, my paintings, serve to enlighten environments and engage people.


My Tapestries are allegorical and abstract dualities with two different sides, telling stories with block shapes and lines. Working exclusively in black and white for five years, while mastering tools, rules, and techniques, has enabled me to create work with timeless, universal appeal.

Currently, there are 59 exclusive, fine art architectural scaled Tapestries (appropriate for royalty, palatial settings, showcase homes, museums and public spaces) now available to the public. This limited collection, (spanning the years 1971-1983), represents a third of the entire collection of 206 Tapestries. The others reside in major national and international, public and private art collections, or are presently displayed in the company of other notable artists.


My Paintings are a blending of classical realism with dimensional abstractions. My use of tropical colors gives my art a powerful presence and vibrancy. The result is an invitation to explore a joyful and magical reality alive with passion.


Other Art Works include my commissioned Rugs, Silks, Bronzes, and Photographs reflecting my passions and appreciation for the mediums I use. Whether it’s the hardness of bronze and clay, the softness of wool and silk, flat photography and serigraphs – or now, colorful and muted oils on canvas – mastering these mediums through continual experimentation has enabled me to explore and share my artistic fluency, range, and depth of expression.


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If you have any questions about my work or acquiring it, please email me at annette@annettekaplan.com

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