Artist Statement

Art is interactive. Using classical realism painting techniques from the old Italian Renaissance Masters, I search for what we share in common, finding the uniqueness in people and objects while emphasizing the dynamics between them in symbolic ways. People are my muses. They intrigue me to find meaning, making my interpretations through non-verbal, visual commentaries.

Artists witness society, describing it either abstractly or realistically through the vehicles of color, light and shade, texture and the emotions they evoke. My work incorporates elements from nature and daily life. I add humor, the common, and the absurd into my paintings whose titles often give clues to the dialogue. Sometimes they are intentionally composed, other times they occur organically. Tropical colors are my passion. My oil paints make visual music. I use simple and extreme lighting to create drama.

I’ve worked in a variety of mediums on three different continents for the past 46 years incorporating different architectural scales into pieces for the walls, interiors and fashion while using the hardness of bronze and clay, the softness of wool and silk, or Canvas with it’s colorful and muted oils. My artwork is collected & exhibited nationally and internationally in museums, solo and group shows. I’ve had numerous commissions, awards and grants. My work is published in a variety of books and publications both in the fine art world and fashion world.

Retuning to my first love of classical realistic and surrealistic oil painting, my work continues with similar related themes, expressed differently due to the variety of perceptions life experiences bring. I discover what we share in common, making our humanity visible while emphasizing nuances, which makes each person and object unique.

Annette Kaplan
March 12 2017
Florence, Italy

Short Bio

Annette Kaplan is known for her bold, tropical, colorful, realistic and abstract expressions. Her art is personal, subjective, and interactive. Initially inspired by Bauhaus Minimalism, she now uses Classical Realism as her format for her paintings.

Graduating in 2017 from four years of training at Angel Academy of Art, Florence, Italy (2013-2017), she now specializes in oil painting techniques used by the Renaissance masters. Her unique and colorful still lives, are influenced by the works of Willem Kalf (1619-1693), William Merritt Chase (1849-1916), Goya (1746-1828) along with other Spanish painters.

Annette’s artistic career is unique and varied. She has lived and worked on three continents, Europe, USA, and South America, in Brazil. She is a Fulbright Scholar – (a US competitive, merit based, prestigious grant), and twice NEA recipient – (a US grant for projects exhibiting artistic excellence). She has had major One Person Shows in the US and Brazil (Phillips Collection art museum,USA etc.) and has participated extensively in Group Shows prior to moving there in 1984. Her works are in many private, public and permanent art collections around the world.

During her ten years in Brazil, (1984-1994), she sold her designs to various fashion textile companies both in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. She had an exclusive high-end fashion designer as her client for nine years for whom she designed and printed her designs on silk fabric. Both her clothing and her art were constantly published in the top fashion magazines (Vogue & Elle), and often seen on national TV. Upon return to the US, she worked as a freelance artist and designer (1994- 2013) designing custom Hand Knotted Tibetan rugs and silk scarves. In 2013, she went to Florence Italy, to study Classical Realism painting under the guidance of Michael John Angel and Jered Woznicki at the Angel Academy of Fine Art  (Graduated 2017).

Her artwork is innovative and advanced. Consistent themes about the dynamics of relationships between people and societies, their order, visibility, and disarray are found in her works. She uses common objects as symbols to talk about our mythologies & metaphors, and to interact with viewers.

Previously, her artwork was mainly abstract expression. Now she returns to her primary interest and passion of realism and surrealistic paintings. You are invited to view her portfolio. She has experience in working in a variety of dimensions, mediums and scales both for commissioned pieces and as a freelance artist.

Now, with oil paints, colors, and lighting, Annette brings life and meaning to objects, describing them in distinctive ways. Her paintings are visual stories revealing the simplistic beauty of objects and their relationships to one another.
June 2017
Florence Italy

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